• “6 HOURS off your life reduced by spending 3 days in DELHI ”
  • “Inhaling Delhi air is equivalent to puffing 20 CIGARETTES in a day, according to a study by the United Nations Environment Program."
  • “50% children in DELHI NCR have weak lung"
  • Air pollution is now the fifth biggest killer in India.
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What we offer

We believe breathing air as pure as nature intended is a basic human right. This inspiration led to the design of the world’s best air purifiers. Innovated with love in India, VO2 purifiers combine the highest Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) with the lowest noise for measurable results delivered silently, effectively and stylishly.

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Indoor or Outdoor – which is more polluted?

In addition to the PM2.5 particles (upto 0.3 microns) that easily make their way into our cozy homes, our energy efficient mindset leads to decreased ventilation thus increasing proliferation of micro-organisms, odor retention and give off VOC’s resulting in increased incidence of illness. Furniture, carpet, cupboards, box beds that mostly occupy our living spaces offers favorable environments for dust mite, bacteria, fungi to grow. These invisible harmful substances enter our lungs along with the air we breathe thus creating havoc to our health.

Indoor air pollution is arguably one of the most overlooked threats to human health, particularly affecting young children and adults who spend an estimated 90% of their time indoor.

Studies released in the past few years demonstrate clearly that poor Indoor Air Quality not only increases symptoms of Asthma and other respiratory diseases among children but can also be responsible for headaches, fatigue, nausea, restlessness etc among adults.